Monday, April 4, 2011

My Knitting Time: 2KCBWDAY7

Wow! The end of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week already, where did that time go?

My knitting time is whenever and wherever I get chance to pick up a project.

Most typically I'll be in my tired old rocking chair, with the avid attention of at least one feline. There'll be a mug of coffee a safe distance from my yarn but within easy reach.  If I'm the only human in the house the background noise will be a medley of cat purrs, and quite possibly snores, and a gentle chorus of birdsong from the garden.  In my perfect world there would be the smell of bread baking but who am I trying to kid? I'm not usually caught up enough with the housework to allow for that luxury.  If Mr Goth is home then I'll be knitting to the click of the computer keyboard, the sounds of his favourite computer game, or whatever songs are playing on Radio Caroline.  I keep saying I should invest in some audiobooks, probably Pratchett, to listen to while I knit but that hasn't happened yet.

In the summer I often move outdoors with my yarn.  We take up residence in the shade of the fruit trees with either coffee or something chilled.  The medley I knit to will be the buzz of bees, the distant bleating of sheep, the nearer gossiping of chickens (not mine, I'm not allowed), possibly the sounds of children at play (song stuck in my head now) and the inevitable lawn mower.

Most of the time I'm a solitary knitter.  I do meet friends for a pub knitting session fairly regularly, it's a pleasantly mellow way to spend an evening.   A couple of town centre coffee shops are used to me knitting too, though they can be a little on the busy side.  I'm about to try my hand at knitting in the car today, I'll be sitting in the back for a couple of hour journey so it seems too good an opportunity to miss.

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  1. How's you? We are still looking for work for the hubbie, preferably in the West country but have still knitting.
    There is a Goth knitting group on facebook that you might find interesting. There are more UK knitters on there
    And I am also member of an Occult Housewives group too!