Sunday, April 3, 2011

Something To Aspire To: 2KCBWDAY6

I've reached day 6 of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, though I'm still running a day behind.

I'm still such a beginner, well maybe novice is more accurate, knitter that choosing just one thing I aspire to is hard.  There are so many things still to learn; I'd like to learn to cable, I love the look of entrelac (and I'd never even heard of it this time last year), I still have to venture into the worlds of fairisle and intarsia... so, so much to learn.  However, I've already started knitting lace and right now I'm hooked, I really, really want to do more.  So, the project I aspire to knit is Gwendolyn, who can be found here.

I've always adored peacock tail feathers. I actually have a small collection of peacock feathers, which includes white ones, all of which have been found or are truly ancient and have been handed on to me.  Did you know that peacocks were a Celtic eternity symbol?  I didn't until I acquired a book of Celtic inspired embroidery patterns.  I've even considered a peacock feather tattoo, in fact I know what size and where I'd have it done, but I've since met someone with one (though not where mine would be) and am reluctant to appear to be copying.

Anyway, I'd love to wear peacock feathers in some way but wouldn't dream of wearing any of my collection as they're far too fragile.  A peacock feather shawl though, that would be just perfect.  There are several such shawl patterns to be found, more than one of which I'd like to knit, but Gwendolyn is somehow the most striking.  It may be the sheer size of her, she's described as having a 170cm wingspan.  It may be the fact that the entire shawl is in lace while my second favourite is only lace edged.  Whatever the reason I'd love to go out wrapped in Gwendolyn's embrace or sit on the sofa with her watching a good film.  Gwendolyn is for me.

She's an ambitious project though and I'm not quite ready for her.  First off I need to invest in new needles, I think it's time for a set of interchangeable circulars.  I also need to knit a selection of smaller lace projects too, to build up my skill and confidence before taking her on.  Lastly, and of great importance, I need to find the right yarn; she's too beautiful to make compromises, the yarn I choose has to be perfect, I haven't found it yet.

p.s. if any readers have yarn suggestions I'll certainly consider them, it may well be that I have to travel further afield than my local yarn store to find the perfect yarn for Gwendolyn.

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